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Cuzzin Jen

The picture of Shuma in his sunglasses looks like Sue when she was his age! Made me all weepy in a good way, but also by thinking how much my mom would have been slavishly devoted to him. Have fun on the beaches! Best. Country. EVER.


have fun!


My guess is Thailand. I heard from people in Tochigi that the snow was crazy, but Tochigi is one of the few places I would expect to see it.
I have similar photos of my daughter in her first snow fall, but Shuma seems to be attacking the snow whereas my daughter just looked around and wondered what happened.
Shuma looks totally cool in those sunglasses. His hair will get lighter and lighter on the beach, I'm sure.


Are you guys going to Thailand? Can't wait to see sexy pics of Shuma in swimming trunks. ;-) Enjoy your trip!


I get the other poems but they would need a bit of editing and re-working to achieve the same conciseness that you have very effectively achieved in 'Year'.
Nutra Science


Shuma does not look happy in that last pic. And how could you marry a man that doesn't like cilantro? :) Have fun on your trip - I'm jealous!

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